I know this paper might read a little bit provocative at first. Though I believe it was important to point out this new phenomenon and, moreover, its excesses.

Anyone who’s earned some money, who’s had a fully satisfactory career, who’s created successful worthy businesses might have the erroneous impression that everything good that had happened to him or her is…. due to him and only him. Those people believe they’ve been gifted by the Gods, right at birth. They own the absolute wisdom on how a business must be conducted on the path to success. Consequently, they rise themselves to the selected circles of Mind Gurus. Because “They Know”, they feel the irrepressible need to share their Holly Brightness of wisdom with their less richly skilled followers. They regularly dispense the world with their trademarked – and smartly marketed – single – supposedly inspiring – sentences (i.e. slogans?). The latter are thoroughly thought, worded in extremely subtle language and finely tuned as to be easily recordable, remembered and…spread over! Those definitive deep and profound thoughts summarized in a small number of impacting words are supposed to provide followers with magical formulas aimed at converting a regular street guy like you and I, into the new Bill Gates of tomorrow.

“Do this and you will get that, be this and you will become that, behave like this and everyone else will say this and that of you, and how smart you are as a charismatic business leader”, “yadiyadiyada, yadiyadiyada”.

In real life – and people living in the real-world, experience this on a daily basis – it happens that not every sentence works for everyone in every situation. Who is foolish enough to believe in so simple affirmations? If it had been so easy why anyone else on earth would not be as rich as the Wolf of Wall Street? Life is not as simple as a single sentence! It can’t just be summarized within the very narrow frame delineated by a few words! It may well be that the “inventors”’ first intention of such sentences is genuinely devoted to the Good and goes beyond the pretty egocentric temptation of self-promotion. Despite all this, what is even more cruel in my eyes as an impact, is the fact that they create frustration. They operate just as work-shopped pictures of beautiful ladies do on the average lay women: “I’ve tried so hard to resemble this lady, I never got anywhere close, this is unfair, I am so bad…?”.

Are YOU so bad? No, you are not. You are not the one to be blamed. Someone has put heavy pressure on your shoulders. He/she’s forced you to resemble an archetype that does not exist in a world populated with average lay people like you and me. Those archetypes are definitely not achievable in the real world… period! Whether be for the good or for the bad. Isn’t it already extremely hard achieving the challenged performance of being yourself?

For God’s sake Gurus, who do you think you are? Please, be serious and humble for just a second! Be honest with yourself…and with us, your followers! Please recognize you’ve had luck at some point in your career. Maybe have you had a groundbreaking idea, have you set up novel methods that changed paradigms, have you been at the right moment at the right place, have you met the right people, maybe were you born in the right environment, etc… These are good things to know in the follower’s educational process.

And, please Gurus, I would suggest you go down to the point of sharing with us the full list of ingredients and their respective quantities in your success recipes. Most importantly, I want to know – I am sure I am not the only one – how much of real true genuine Wisdom and how much of Luck you’ve been mixing together! 80/20? 50/50, 20/80? By giving us those precious details, you would have done a major step towards your followers. At last you would have been dear and cheerful for the sake of everyone else. Here would have been your true contribution to other’s successes. You would have been utile for yourself, your peers, and the entire human community seeking for wealth and happiness. Your final transparent recognition of how much of an impact had authentic Wisdom and raw Luck in your successful paths would genuinely be helpful for your followers.

As a conclusive advice (yes, I know 😊!): you fellow followers, please do trust this one last sentence: Be yourself, follow your own path, trust in yourself for you already own wisdom and if you try hard, you deserve success.